4Hawks Raptor OD | Omni Directional antenna | VLOS - Black (A201O)

4Hawks Raptor OD Omni Directional antenna VLOS

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    4Hawks Raptor OD Omni Directional Antenna VLOS

    These are a great addition to your 4Hawks Range Extender Antenna system and gives you total flexibility. Want to fly VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) and don't want to use your 4Hawks Range Extender Antenna? Well then these 4Hawks Raptor OD Antennas are what you need. These attach to the same SMA ports that your 4Hawks Range Extender Antenna would connect to. Works with every drone that operates in the 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz that has been modified to use the 4Hawks Range Extender Antenna.  


    • Set of two antennas
    • Two colors available Black or White.
    • Concurrent dual band
    • Ideal for VLOS
    • 360 deg. radiation pattern
    • 5 dBi

    Color: Black or White

    4Hawks Raptor OD Omni Directional antenna VLOS

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    1. Great Antenna Replacement

      Easy install and they work great on Apr 9th 2021

    2. DIY soution for a broken stock antenna on the EVO controller

      I had broken one of the two OEM antennas on the EVO's controller with the coaxial cable being severed. Autel would not sell me the antenna assembly but would make the repair for roughly $60 or so if I sent the controller to them. I was going to do so but I much prefer to do these things myself from both a monetary and personal satisfaction point of view. I bought these antennas and the RF cable/connector "pigtails" also available from SkydronesUSA and now have a pair of SMA connectors on the controller instead of the Autel antennas which are non removable and not offered to the DIY'er as a component part. I only had to add a suitable flat washer in order to secure the two SMA threaded connectors to the EVO's controller housing since I do not have the mounting bracket for the 4 Hawks directional antenna. Without the flat washer added to the outside opening of the original antenna mounting holes it is not possible to tighten the threaded SMA connector enough to prevent it from rotating when installing or removing the stick antennas. It's important that the SMA antenna connectors be securely tightened or they could rotate and break their coaxial cables in the process.

      My only complaint, if I would call it one, is that the longer of the two pigtails is excessively long and makes me think it is NOT a custom manufactured assembly, but something 4 Hawks purchases from another source. The shorter pigtail assembly is a much closer match to the original and in general it's best to keep coaxial feeder lines as short as possible to minimize both signal losses and better meet mechanical routing requirements. However, I did save some money doing the repair myself and I much prefer the SMA connectors with the option to use more antenna types than the factory supplied ones.
      on Jun 14th 2020