Freewell Filter fits Yuneec / Chroma CGO3 & CGO3+ ND2-400

Freewell Filter fits Yuneec / Chroma CGO3 & CGO3+ ND2-400


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    Freewell Variable ND Filter 2-400

    Will let you cut the amount of light in your scene by one to eight two/three f/stops, After placing the filter on the lens, simply rotate it to dial in the correct exposure.

    Shooting in bright daylight, oftentimes it can be nearly impossible to shoot wide open without blowing out your exposure. Its easy to do so though, when you have a Variable Neutral Density or Variable ND filter.

    A Variable ND filter is so useful because it is variable you can adjust in different level from ND2-400 which is equal to 10 normal ND filter function.

    You can also use it as a substitute for something pros call riding iris, which means adjusting the exposure while you shoot as your scene changes in brightness. To do this, you rotate the filter and smoothly adjust the exposure as the lighting changes, like when panning from a darker area to a brighter one, all the time keeping the same f/stop and the same depth of field.

    • Includes 10 in 1 function Variable ND 2-400 (Equals to 1 stop to 8 2/3 F stop )
    • Easy installation
    • Protect & suitable for Blade Chroma 4K / Typhoon Q500-4K / Typhoon H / CGO3 / CGO3+

    Whats Included

    • Variable ND 2-400 1PC
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