Itelite DBS Extender - ITE-DBS01.5B Black Flat Panel Antenna - Yuneec Q500 Series & Blade Chroma

Itelite DBS Extender - ITE-DBS01.5B Black Flat Panel Antenna - Yuneec Q500 Series & Blade Chroma


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    Itelite DBS Extender - ITE-DBS01.5B BLACK Flat Panel Antenna - Fits Yuneec Q500 Series & Blade Chroma

    Need to extend your flight range? The Itelite DBS Flight Range Extender Antenna will do the job!  

    This antenna is BLACK in color.  If you need it in White please ask.


    • Easy Installation
    • No soldering required
    • Compact design
    • No Modification to the drone itself
    • The best long range antenna system your money can buy
    • Experience the benefit of linear polarized antennas with low signal rejection for superior video streaming
    • Comes with specific mounting system


    Specifically Designed and Works with the following Brands & Models

    • Yuneec Q500
    • Yuneec Q500G
    • Yuneec Q500+
    • Yuneec Q5004K
    • Blade Chroma



    170/90/35mm 150g
    6.7/3.5/1.4inches 5.1oz


    • Antenna
    • Mounting Bracket
    • Pigtails/Hardware


    *Product Liability Disclaimer* This product is an aftermarket antenna system, designed for modifying the original OEM product antenna on the RC Ground Station Controller. When using this antenna, some custom modification to the RC Ground Station Controller may be required, and the working knowledge of basic tools is recommended. SkyDronesUSA, LLC shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages of any kind that may occur during or after installation of this aftermarket antenna to the RC Ground Station Controller. That after installation of the aftermarket antenna the owner of the drone and control system accepts complete liability for the results of their flight and waives all claims against SkyDronesUSA, LLC. By making purchase of this item, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms of this Product Liability Disclaimer.

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    1. Great service

      Easy to install thanks to video. Works great so far at 600 feet. Need a bigger backyard. on Jan 16th 2017

    2. Brilliant!

      Bought this from skydronesusa after reading reviews on the product and watching videos and tutorials on benefits and installation.

      Got to agree this product is brilliant. Does exactly what i wanted in increasing my video range to the same as the flying range. Took it to a horizontal distance of 1500ft which is triple what i had been getting. Didn't feel brave enough to go further, but why do you need to anyway.

      Brilliant product.
      on Oct 1st 2016

    3. distance

      I got about thousand to 1200 feet more using the range extender. Easy insulation 20 minutes max to install on Sep 8th 2016

    4. Great product. Easy to install

      Nice product. Well worth the money. I was a little reluctant to install myself. I see how Carolina Drone wanted $125 for labor. After watching the YouTube video probably 4 or 5 times. Everything went smoothly. Total time to instal was 30 or 45 minutes. Save yourself some money. Do it yourself. on May 20th 2016

    5. Itelite ITE-DBS01_V.2 for Yuneec

      The kit is fairly easy to install. No soldering, just a few holes to drill and snapping on 3 cables, which can be a little tricky. Otherwise pretty much followed a video posted on YouTube. Also SkyDrone was very quick to keep me informed on status of order. Ordered Sunday, went out on Monday and received it Wednesday, all followed with conformation e-mails and tracking info. on Mar 18th 2016

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